It's interesting the people you meet and how things work out sometimes.

A few weeks back, my wife and I were doing some furniture shopping here in Bozeman when a salesman from one of the stores asked if I was on the radio. I told him I was and a few questions followed that, and then he told me that he enjoys creating music.

As someone who loves to listen to and create music myself, I was curious, so I asked him a few questions.

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It turns out that Adrian Jay is a local Bozeman guy that loves making music. In fact, he wrote, sang, played guitar, and produced his album as a compilation of love songs to his fiancè, Morgan. Adrian enlisted some local musicians to help out as well. On bass is Eddie T, Alex Platt plays drums, Josh Zaldoniz is on sax, and Orin Gunderson plays trumpet.

Credit: Adrian Jay
Credit: Adrian Jay

Together, they come up with a sound that is extremely diverse, yet very catchy and easy to sing along with. So much so, that I've been walking around singing the song Blackbird Drive for 3 days now.

I asked Adrian who some of his influences were—I mean, most young folks wouldn't necessarily think to put saxophones and trumpets into their music, right? Adrian told me the inspiration came from 19th century Russian literature all the way to Kanye West's Sunday Service choir album.

Adrian's album has a little bit of pop, mixed with jazz, gospel, and a hint of old-school influence. Not to mention, Adrian's voice is very unique and reminds me of a young Tommy James from back in the 60s. You mix all that together, and you get a sound that is not only catchy but completely different than anything you hear in the mainstream today.

One thing is for sure, Adrian Jay is a talented young man. If you would like to learn more about Adrian, or if you want to check out his music, click on his name. Adrian Jay.

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