There's good news and bad news when it comes to the fate of the Bogert Pavilion after its partial roof collapse.

The good news (and most important tidbit) is that IT'S GOING TO GET FIXED.

The (kind of) bad news is that it won't be fixed until well into 2020.

It was March 17th, 2019 that one of the ten arched beams collapsed after a heavy snow. Nobody was injured in the collapse but the pavilion was immediately closed to all use.

Per a professional engineering assessment, the damage was due to “unbalanced snow load in conjunction with rotting and delamination”.

The Bogert Pavilion was secured, assessed and will be repaired AND BROUGHT UP TO CODE.

This process is happening in phases but the City of Bozeman has determined that the majority of repairs/upgrade will take place in 2020.

A detailed schedule has not yet been released so a completion date is not yet known. HOWEVER, it could be mid-2020.

FYI, this may put attendance pressure on other winter sheets of ice.

The public is able to rent the Bogert Pavilion from the City of Bozeman for special events and it had been Bozeman's only large, outdoor (covered) facility.

Bozeman Fire Department
Bozeman Fire Department

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