Maybe this will help all the Bobcat fans out there get excited for the upcoming spring football season.

406 MT Sports is reporting that the Montana State football team will be holding a 'closed' fall scrimmage this Saturday, October 10th at 2 PM.

The 'closed' fall scrimmage means that zero fans will be allowed to attend, which is a huge bummer, but you can livestream the game off of the Montana State Bobcats YouTube channel.

photo by Ally H. of XL Country
photo by Ally H. of XL Country

Coach Choate wants to make sure the kids have fun in the Bobcat Fall Brawl(absolutely love the name of that) to prepare for the spring season.

The game will consist of fifteen minute quarters and a running clock. Plus, there will be zero punts as well. The only time the clock will stop is when there are two minutes or less in the second or fourth quarter.

One of the big battles that will focused on during the fall scrimmage is the big quarterback battle. Returning players Tucker Rovig and Casey Baumann both started games last year for the Bobcats and had mixed results as starters and then there is incoming transfer from North Carolina State Matt McKay. All eyes will be on that battle for sure.

Then there is new offensive coordinator Justin Udy and what his new offense package will look like for the Bobcats.

Even though we are going to have to wait till the spring of 2021 to see our Bobcats play and hopefully be able to pack the stadium again and cheer them on to victory once more.

For now, let's enjoy the livestream and see what the Bobcats have in store for us.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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