So many places get most of the praise in Montana year after year, but this area of Montana should be considered a hidden gem.

When people think of Montana, their minds automatically go to Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, Bozeman, Missoula, or pure wilderness. Makes sense. Most articles or pictures of Montana are usually of these places, and \are high tourist areas. It makes sense these are the places that most tourists go and know about.

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There are tons of underrated or hidden places in Montana. Most of these places we keep secret or try not to let the world know so we can keep it all to ourselves. Well, that might change.

Yellowstone Hot Springs via Facebook
Yellowstone Hot Springs via Facebook

The New York Times wrote an article about an area of Montana that isn't glamorized by TV shows or movies. That area is the Hi-Line along Highway 2.

In the article, the writer travels through several of Montana's smallest and most rural communities on the Hi-Line, like Shelby, Inverness, Rudyard, and more.

attachment-Havre Tourism via fb

The New York Times meets the people who make up these incredible small communities and how most of the people living there have been in the area for generations. The people in these communities take care of each other and own businesses, so folks don't have to travel great distances to enjoy themselves.

If you have never stopped in towns like this, you know how incredible these places can be. It's a place where everybody knows everybody, and people help each other out.

Photo by Kevin Loesch via Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Loesch via Unsplash

One thing they pointed out in the article is how gorgeous the sunsets are on the Hi-Line, and I have to agree. There is nothing quite like it. Maybe you should venture up there one day and see what it's all about.

For more details, check out the New York Times.

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