Not everyone needs all the bells and whistles when it comes to food. Whether you are in the mood for a burger, sandwich, or another dish, sometimes the best meal comes with no frills.

If you are grabbing lunch or dinner in Montana, you want something delicious and quick. You don't always need a place where you have to set down, sometimes you just want to grab your food and go.

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Lovefood made a list of Every State's Most Fantastic No-Frills Restaurants, and the pick for Montana is an iconic spot. The most fantastic no-frills restaurant in Montana is The Pickle Barrel in Bozeman.

The Pickle Barrel via Facebook
The Pickle Barrel via Facebook

The Pickle Barrel is a staple of Bozeman cuisine. If you went to Montana State University or are a long-time local, The Pickle Barrel holds a place in your heart. The Pickle Barrel makes some of the best sandwiches in the state, and the prices won't break the bank.

When I first moved to Montana, I was recommended to check out The Pickle Barrel, and I instantly fell in love. The steak sandwiches are my favorite and will always hit the spot. Plus, the staff is always friendly when you are ordering in person or on the phone.

The Pickle Barrel via Facebook
The Pickle Barrel via Facebook

The Pickle Barrel is the definition of a perfect no-frills food spot, and they deserved to be put on this list.

The only other Bozeman no-frills restaurants that could even be considered on this list are spots like Punk Rock Burger Shop, Cosmic Pizza, and El Rodeo. These places are fabulous restaurants to either eat at or take out.

Another great sandwich shop in Montana is Tagliare Delicatessen in Missoula. Their sandwiches are all named after classic rock bands or artists and are delicious.

For more details, check out Lovefood.

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