How did I not know about this? No one that I know of knew about this. Next Thursday, December 1, the X Ambassadors, who have huge hits such as "Unsteady" and "Renegades" will be performing in Missoula at the Adams Center. And show is free. That's right, completely FREE.

The only problem with the show being free is that only University of Montana students and staff will be able to get tickets, but they can have one guest pass per person. So if you know of anyone that works or goes to school at the University of Montana, I would try to get them to get you tickets. The X Ambassadors will put on a phenomenal show and are awesome live.

Tickets are available now and, I think, still available. So try to find a connection and check out this show.

For more details, check out the Adams Center website. I also put some of the X Ambassadors biggest songs below to check out as well.