Thank goodness that I have finally found snowboarding as a hobby.  I am a Montana native but until this year I have not been able to spend my winters playing in the snow, minus the occasional sledding trip to Pete's Hill.

I'm not sure what took me so long to give a winter sport a try but as they say, better late than never.  I spent yesterday (Sunday) with some friends tooling

around Moonlight Basin and couldn't have had a better time.

Although I am a beginner and am still finding my ground, and perhaps the excitement of doing something new has me my elation boosted by the feeling of accomplishment, but I now understand why all these people that I once thought crazy for wishing snow to fall are really the ones in the know.  There is a whole culture that I have seen but never fully understood until now.  The love for beer drinking that most every snowboarder or skier has is now fully clear to me, it tastes better on the mountain, and you feel like you've earned it.  Everyone is on that mountain to have a good time. You don't run into anyone who is having a bad day, unless they are being serviced by ski patrol.  No one is trying to screw with anyone else. They are simply looking to enjoy the day doing what they love.

Thank you to Moonlight Basin for teaching me and our winners of "Learning to Snowboard With Chadwick" how to snowboard this year as I believe you have made a lifetime snowboarder out of this one time winter hater.  We are coming to the close of the 2011 winter season but plan next year to be the year you start your love of winter quest.