This is absolutely huge news for one of the biggest ski resorts in all of North America and we could see some changes coming soon for others.

Big Sky Resort
Credit: Big Sky Resort via Twitters

This is all part of Big Sky Resort's owner Boyne Resorts goal of ForeverProject to have all of their resorts major goal to run on net-zero emissions by 2030 and that is a pretty daunting task. They plan on eliminating 70% of their electricity usage and lowering their carbon footprint in the next few years even more at their other resorts.

From a local standpoint this is a massive move by Big Sky Resort. By having their entire lifts, hotels and more run on renewable energy is a huge move and I'm happy Big Sky Resort made this move. Big Sky Resort is usually referred as the tourist resort but this just goes to show they care about Montana and their beauty and they want to make sure the winters stay longer and keep being great for everyone.

Big Sky Resort has been on of the pioneers of adding new technology to their mountain from energy resources to chair lifts and more. These moves are starting to pay off big time.

For more details, check out Big Sky Resort.

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