Now, we need to be nice to people. I feel like this post was most likely made to make fun of the struggle of driving and how some people (new to the area) may not be as good at winter driving as others.

With that being said, this post, although rude, did actually have some really great advice (along with really terrible, useless advice). But it's the internet, keyboard warriors are in their happy place when they see a post like this.

If you read through the comments you will see that some really nice people actually gave some good advice. And good job to you people, you know who you are! Practice, pull over, don't slam on the breaks. All really good things to do. One comment that was really kind was:

Just listen to everybody giving you advice on getting studded snow tires, and having a 4wd or Awd vehicle. With the right tires and right vehicle you have nothing to worry about. I'm from California as well, been out here almost 3 years and we had to learn as well. Just takes practice, good luck - Jose via Facebook

Now, for you not-so-nice commentators...although I still believe this is a fake/sarcastic post, shame on you!

Are you dumb? -via facebook

Best bet would be move back to California-via Facebook

Drive back to California, fast....-via Facebook

Again, do I think this clever post is actually real? No. But I will say, for the people that did think it was a real post in need of advice, kudos to you and your kind hearts and words.

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