If you want to retire in Bozeman, you might want to avoid the advice of this real estate agent.

With rising prices of cars, housing, and other goods, determining what to save for retirement can be difficult. You want to make sure you will have enough funds for your elderly years and be comfortable but to reach that number can be daunting.

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Retiring in Montana is a dream for many locals and folks who watch the show Yellowstone. If it was twenty years ago, retiring in Montana might seem possible, but depending on where you want to live, it probably won't happen.

Photo by John Kakuk via Unsplash
Photo by John Kakuk via Unsplash

Some folks might think Montana is cheap and the perfect place for retirement, but you would be wrong.

Unless you are this real estate expert.

Go Banking Rates' real estate expert came out with an article called, I'm A Real Estate Agent, Here are Six Places I'd Retire if I Had $500K.

Downtown Bozeman via Facebook
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

Um, What?

The agent listed places in Washington, Arizona, and Florida but the real shocker was Bozeman was named on the list.

Downtown Bozeman, Montana
Townsquare Media

Why was Bozeman included? According to this expert, Bozeman is close to Yellowstone, has a small-town charm, and is the perfect outdoor spot for retirees. They go on in the article to describe how Montana has no sales tax, the cost of goods is cheaper, and the area is stunning.

Here's the issue, they are missing some crucial points. The biggest problem is the average house cost is over $760,000, so how is your $500,000 supposed to afford that? Townhomes and condos are much cheaper either.

Photo by Scott Webb via Unsplash
Photo by Scott Webb via Unsplash

Then comes the property taxes. The property taxes on your home will be a big dent in your retirement and that's a yearly cost.

We would all love to retire in Montana and some of us would want to live in Bozeman forever but $500,000 won't cut it.

How much do you think you need to retire in Bozeman? We are thinking at least one million.

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