Montana has many incredible rental homes throughout the state, and there are some hidden gems right here in the Gallatin Valley.

Many families visit Montana together, but it can be a little tricky to find a rental for everyone, especially a rental with that perfect scenic view. Luckily, we've got some suggestions for you. 

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Thrillist made a list of 14 Airbnbs around the United States that can host large groups and have great views. One of those rentals is located not only in Montana, but just down the road from Bozeman in Livingston. 

This Airbnb is called Meredith Ranch and has a main house and a guest house. This rental sleeps 16, has immaculate views, and has a private trout pond. This is a high-end rental for a large group of people. The price is almost $2,000 a night, and even though that might seem steep for many, if you look at prices around the Gallatin Valley, that is typical. 

Meredith Ranch via Airbnb
Meredith Ranch via Airbnb

If you get a large family to pool resources together, it's worth the stay; you can't get another rental like this anywhere in Montana. Private trout pond, fire pits, views of Paradise Valley, and over twenty acres to have fun? That's pretty one-of-a-kind.

Meredith Ranch via Airbnb
Meredith Ranch via Airbnb

The only other rental that comes close to this kind of privacy is the island house up on Flathead Lake, but even that rental is only available during the warm months of the year. 

For more details, check out Thrillist

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