A kind gift from this celebrity has improved the lives of many children living in this area of Montana.

Celebrity sightings aren't new in Montana, and they've become the new normal. Celebrities come to Montana for many reasons. Some reasons are to explore the wilderness, enjoy the slopes of a ski mountain, or space from the big city.

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One celebrity, in particular, came to Montana and was so impressed she wanted to help out the community. That celebrity is Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore has a talk show where she showcased a Livingston outdoor company called Dan Bailey's Outdoor Company. Drew loved the store so much that she gifted them $10,000.

Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co. via Facebook
Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co. via Facebook

What did Dan Bailey do with the money? Here's what he had to say on Facebook.

Last fall, Drew Barrymore and The Drew Barrymore Show gifted us $10,000. This money was unexpected but very much appreciated. As much as we knew we could put the money toward good things for the shop and staff, we knew the money needed to go to our community.

So what did Dan Bailey Outdoor Company do? They set up a contest where students in the Livingston School District asked students between the grades of 3rd through 5th to write an essay on a classmate who deserved a bike with a display of compassion.

The Dan Bailey Outdoor Company was so moved they awarded 22 bikes to the students highlighted in the essays.

Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co. via Facebook
Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co. via Facebook

The co-owner Dale Sexton went on to say,

Compassion in our community is a good thing. We like to feel that every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grader has a greater appreciation for compassion as a result of this project. We’re so very grateful to the teachers and administration and staff at the school who were instrumental in pulling this all together and executing the essay portion. And, thank you, Livingston, for raising such compassionate children. As was a theme in many of the essays, compassion makes the world a better place.

This was a beautiful gesture from Dan Bailey's Outdoor Company, and thanks to Drew Barrymore for the gift to make this happen. These kids received some of the best bikes you can get, and they will remember this forever.

Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co. via Facebook
Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co. via Facebook

It's beautiful when a gift can reward so many in a community. That's why Montana is the best.

For more details, check out Dan Bailey's Facebook page.

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