If you've lived in Bozeman for a while, you've most likely witnessed terrible driving. The number of bad drivers in the Bozeman area is staggering.

Many main roads in Bozeman are controlled with either a traffic light or a stop sign. Once you enter into some of the older residential areas, many of the intersections are uncontrolled and don't have a stop sign.

This morning on my way to work, a woman ran a stop sign which very easily could've resulted in an accident. Luckily, I was paying attention and was able to hit the brakes before colliding with her vehicle.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time I've had an experience with a bad driver in Bozeman. On more than one occasion, I've nearly been run over while crossing the crosswalk and Grand & Mendenhall.

During the winter in Bozeman, travel can be difficult, which is why it's especially important to pay attention when you get behind the wheel. Honestly, people need to slow down and take their time to get where they're going. Being in a hurry is not an excuse for bad driving. If you can't drive safely, maybe you should take up walking.

I understand that Bozeman is growing and that many people from larger cities are moving here. Maybe those folks are used to moving at a faster pace, but they need to slow their roll in Bozeman.

If there's ice and snow on the road, it will be more difficult to stop your vehicle. It's common sense. Please take more time to reach your destination, and don't do something while driving that could put someone else's life in danger. Come on Bozeman! I know you can do better.

How To Safely Drive During The Winter In Montana

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