There are some serious contenders for who has the best pizza in Bozeman, and it's not an easy choice. 

One of my favorite YouTube Channels and TikTok accounts is One Bite Reviews from Barstool Sports. One Bite Reviews features the founder and president of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, going around the country and trying out the best pizza restaurants America has to offer and reviewing them. 

Dave is pretty hard on his reviews when trying the pizza. Dave has made hundreds of videos and has only given 21 restaurants a score over nine. Even though the account says One Bite Reviews, he takes multiple bites and then gives a score. Check out one of Dave's videos below reviewing a deep-dish pizza in Chicago. 

The question is, if Dave Portnoy ever came to Bozeman, what local pizza places do you think would rate high on One Bite Reviews? There are quite a few that I believe would not only be featured on One Bite Reviews, but would rate high. 

  • Cosmic Pizza-One of the most beloved institutions for pizza in Bozeman, Cosmic has incredible thin pizza and a tasty crust. I would want to see Dave comment on Cosmic Pizza's odd location. 
  • Pizza Campania-This is classic old-school pizza with a wood-fired oven. Pizza Campania is very underrated in Bozeman. 
  • Tarantino's-This is the perfect college pizza spot in Downtown Bozeman. Tarantino's offers New York-style pizza, and I want to see Dave hanging out in Downtown Bozeman. 
  • Bridger Brewing-The only pizza I want Dave Portnoy to try out is the Bison Pepperoni. That would be something he had never tried before. 

These are a handful of pizza places in Bozeman, but these are some of the beloved and in-demand places to get a pie or slice of pizza. We know, if Dave Portnoy ever came to Bozeman, we will be waiting with anticipation on where he will be going to try out a slice of pizza. 

For more details, check out One Bite Reviews

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