Oh look, another "best burger in Montana" poll. Let's be real, there are too many places to list that have absolutely delicious burgers. But let's take a peek at what this poll claims is the BEST. I often wonder if these people have ever even had the food they are talking about. I know this much...I have.

Love Food has come out with the Best Burgers In Each State.

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When I first moved to Montana, this was the second place I had a burger at and I was impressed. The service was great, the drink options were good, and the burger (I opted to use Bison) was delicious.

Who has the best burger in Montana according to Love Food?

Backcountry Burger Bar! Specifically, they chose the Wildfire Burger. If you like lots of sauce and a little bit of spice, this is definitely worth giving a try.

Backcountry Burger is open Tuesday through Sunday 11 AM-9 PM, so you can grab either lunch or dinner. They are right on Main Street (125 W Main St).

Check out their menu below, of course, prices may vary, but you get the picture.

You can check out more great burger joints throughout Montana below. I won't lie, I am ready to head over and grab a burger for lunch after thinking about the juicy bison, cooked perfectly between two toasted buns. Next time you are in Bozeman, make sure to check out Backcountry Burger Bar. You won't be disappointed.

CC: Love Food

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