You got to love it when you hear more exciting movie news that will be coming to our great state of Montana.

Deadline is reporting a new exciting western will start filming in Montana in December and the cast they have set up for it is very exciting. The film is called The Redeemer and it will feature a cast that includes Titus Welliver(Bosch), Brandon Routh(Superman Returns), and many others.

The film is described as, "A washed-up war hero in 1880's Montana embarks on a life or death mission into the frontier". I think one of the coolest parts of this movie is that it will be a winter western film and that will show the harshness of the frontier back in the day. Plus, one of the cool aspects of this film is that they have many Native American tribes involved to properly portray them in this film and that's great to hear.

The Redeemer joins a long list of westerns that have been filming here in Montana in the past two years and Montana's initiative to bring in more movie/television productions. We have seen films starring huge talents such as Nicolas Cage, Machine Gun Kelly, Sam Worthington, and many others. Plus, I have a feeling this movie will be filming near Livingston at their movie location.

This is pretty great news for Montana and is helping our state's movie profile to offer a great place to film future projects. We can't wait to see what comes next.

For more details, check out Deadline.

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