The movie industry has become increasingly prominent in Montana recently, but movies set or filmed here tend to represent only a few preeminent genres. There is one genre in particular that we don't see a lot of in our state.

Movies made in Montana are most commonly westerns or thrillers; we don't see a lot of true, classic horror movies filmed or set in the state. So, in the spirit of Spooky Season, I decided to find the best horror movie set and/or filmed in Montana. 

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Out of the many films that have been made in Montana, there technically hasn't been a single horror film set in our state. I am not joking. There are tons of westerns, thrillers, and suspense films, but no true horror. 

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The only film that comes close to the classic horror genre is Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. It's a fake documentary-style sci-fi/horror movie from the late 90s. Yes, Alien Abduction is the closest thing to a horror movie Montana has produced. It seems like we're missing a great opportunity, here.

The only other horror movie that could (by a bit of a stretch) be counted is The Shining. The opening scene with Jack Nicholson driving up to Overlook Hotel is Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park. However, the film is set in Colorado, so it doesn't really fit our criteria. 

The horror industry in Montana might seem bleak at this point, but there may be hope on the horizon. 

Back in March, we reported about a new western horror film that planned to start filming in Montana, called Organ Trail. This movie should be coming out in late 2022 or early 2023, and has the potential to be the first true horror movie set or filmed in Montana. 

It blows my mind that there haven't been more horror movies set here. The landscape is perfect for a survival horror film—or really any type of horror film. Endless wilderness, steep mountains, unruly weather, plenty of creepy old barns? The potential is endless. 

There's one thing we're sure of: Montana needs to produce some more horror movies, so we can watch them during Halloween. 

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