Could this be a sleeper movie hit of 2024? We have a feeling this could make waves come award season.

Montana has been a hot spot for films over the past few years. We have seen Westerns, horror, and dramatic movies set or filmed in Montanna.

Some movies are high quality, and some are more like TV films.

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Many movies filmed in Montana have been showcased at festivals like South By Southwest or local festivals, but it's not often we see one premiering at a prestigious film festival.

Photo by GR Stocks via Unsplash
Photo by GR Stocks via Unsplash

These festivals are crucial for showcasing films to potential distributors and movie studios. It gives them an opportunity for a possible wide release in theaters and to be seen by millions of potential customers.

Deadline announced the 2024 lineup for the Tribeca Film Festival, and one film set in Montana could make waves.

Photo by Kal Visuals via Unsplash
Photo by Kal Visuals via Unsplash

The film Bitterrootl is about a Hmong man who returns home to help his ailing mother in rural Montana after a failed marriage. The movie will have its World Premiere at Tribeca.

Tribeca is one of the premier film festivals like Toronto, Sundance, and Cannes. Tribeca is a crucial ground for independent films to get recognition and possibly deals with movie studios or streaming services to become available to a large audience.

Photo by Chris Murray via Unsplash
Photo by Chris Murray via Unsplash

The last movie filmed in Big Sky Country to be picked up by a massive film festival was the film A Montana Story. That dramatic film was filmed in Paradise Valley and showcased at the Toronto Film Festival.

Bitterroot could be a sneaky pick-up by a movie studio like A24 or even Netflix.

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