If you are looking for a stress-free drive through Montana, you might want to avoid this stretch of road.

The only way to get around Montana quickly is by driving. Everyone uses vehicles to commute to work, shop, or visit other towns. Most of the roads in Montana don't have issues other than construction delays or wildlife crossing, but during the winter, roads can be rough.

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The other day, we discussed what makes Montana's roads so dangerous, but what is the most treacherous highway in Montana? You might be surprised to find out. Before we tell you what the most treacherous road in Montana is, here are a few of the most dangerous highways in our state.

Top 5 Hazardous and Deadly Roads in Montana

Here's a list of the most dangerous roads in Montana.

Those are a few of the dangerous spots in Montana you might have to deal with while driving, but the most treacherous road in Montana is a stretch of highway that can be brutal at any time of the year.

A to Z Animals thinks that one part of Montana's Highway 12 from Garrison to Helena is treacherous. This part of Highway 12 deals with hairpin turns, constant speed changes, and a steep slope for truck drivers.

Photo by Darwin Vegher via Unsplash
Photo by Darwin Vegher via Unsplash

MacDonald Pass is a crucial part of this stretch of Highway 12 and has seen constant accidents throughout the year. This road is dangerous when drivers try to pass other vehicles when they shouldn't. This part of Highway 12 is a two-way highway and doesn't have much of a shoulder for people to get off.

The worst part about this road is MacDonald Pass doesn't get plowed as much as it should during the winter. These events can turn Highway 12 into an icy nightmare.

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini via Unsplash
Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini via Unsplash

This problem can be attested to many of Montana's roads and highways during the winter. You have to be careful.

If you are traveling through Montana any time soon, you might want to avoid this part of our state.

For more details, check out A to Z Animals.

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