If you hate bugs during the summer in Montana, this news could ruin your day or the camping trip.

When the weather is hot outside in Montana means all sorts of disgusting bugs are crawling or flying around. The bugs people typically have to deal with are flies, mosquitos, ants, and more. If you decide to go out in the wilderness, there are more bugs you will have to deal with that aren't found in the city.

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Some of the worst bugs to deal with are parasites. Parasites take advantage of a host to suck their blood or nutrients. Some parasites can have lasting effects on animals and humans.

Photo by James Wainscoat via Unsplash
Photo by James Wainscoat via Unsplash

The worst parasite to deal with in Montana are ticks. Ticks hide in tall grass and the woods and latch onto their host to suck their blood. Ticks come in many shapes and sizes, but we just learned one fact that makes our skin crawl.

Brace yourselves. TICKS CAN FLY.

You read that right. According to National Geographic, ticks can partially fly. Scientists have learned female ticks can partially fly thanks to static electricity. Check out this video.

Female ticks, who are more likely to carry Lyme Disease, can use the static electricity in the air to move to a host.

I have known many friends and animals who have been bitten or affected by a tick, and these bugs are horrifying. Ticks use blood from their host to sustain themselves and can be extremely painful to remove.

Photo by Erik Karits via Unsplash
Photo by Erik Karits via Unsplash

There were multiple reasons why I don't go into tall grass or the woods, and this news just reinforced those feelings.

For more details, check out National Geographic.

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