Would you be in wonder or terrified if you saw this happen over the Montana sky?

Montana is known for its wide open spaces. People love looking up above the sky and seeing blue skies, fluffy clouds, and birds flying around. At night, depending on where you are, you will see all the stars you can dream of or a few shooting stars.

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There's a reason why Montana is called Big Sky Country because you never know what you could see on any given day.

Today was especially wild if you paid attention to the sky above Montana.

If you were in central to northeastern Montana, you might have caught a glimpse of something that could have freaked you out.

Several communities saw a large explosion in the Montana sky, and people wondered what it could be. The good news, nothing you should worry about. It was a large meteor exploding in the Earth's atmosphere.

Montana Learning Center via Facebook
Montana Learning Center via Facebook

We usually have meteor showers during the evenings, and it's usually a part of a group of meteors entering the atmosphere, but in this case, it was one massive meteor that made quite the scene.

The Helena Independent Record believes that because of the large size of the meteor, don't be surprised if some locals in Montana find pieces of it lying around. That would be a fun trinket to show to friends and family.

Photo by Austin Schmidt via Unsplash
Photo by Austin Schmidt via Unsplash

Usually, Montanans find dinosaur bones or antlers lying about, but to find something from space would be awesome.

You have to love living in Montana. It's the best.

For more details, check out the Helena Independent Record.

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