This just disgusts me; if I had it my way, he would be doing more time than he is.

Sean Robinson, a Laurel man, will go to prison for 10 years on charges of animal cruelty. The police went to Robinson's residency in June of last year to serve a drug search warrant. What they found was even more terrifying.


On Robinson's property, police discovered numerous dismembered, dead cats.

Some of these cats were stolen and some were given to Robinson over a few years. In fact, Robinson stated that he first killed a cat back in 2007. That is 14 years BEFORE the police discovered the scene in 2021. So who knows how many cats Robinson actually killed?

Robinson stated:

has a thing for killing cats -Robinson via KBZK News

But why does he do it?

so people don't get hurt -Robinson via KBZK News

Whatever that means, and I am no professional, it screams that he also needs some incredibly intense therapy—I don't think anyone would disagree with that. Is he saying that if it hadn't been cats, it would have been people? I guess Robinson is the only one with that answer.

Robinson takes responsibility for killing between 10-12 cats between the months of March and June of last year. A minimum of 10 cats in three months?!?! What a sick, sick person.

On top of a 10-year prison sentence for Robinson, he will also be paying a $5,000 fine to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, and an additional 10 years for unrelated felony drug charges.

Robinson is being held in the Yellowstone County Detention Facility until he is transferred to the state prison to begin his 20-year sentence.


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