Making sure you can get around your town/city easy is always a huge plus. I have been to a couple places that are just a monumental headache to try and get around and you wonder what the city planner was doing. Well release their 9 Worst Designed Cities in the US and there is a city in Montana that made the list.

Townsquare Media Missoula
Townsquare Media Missoula

The Montana city that has been named on of the worst in the US is Missoula. It comes in right at #9 and is by far the smallest city on the list with Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and more. The thing is though Missoula is deserving of this award. Missoula is a poorly put together town and if you haven't lived there for a while it's extremely confusing to get around. Plus there are streets that seem to come out of now where and at weird angles. Makes zero sense.

To check out the whole list and more details on why Missoula made the list check out

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