City slogans are either very fitting, very casual or just plain weird and Montana sure does have some interesting ones.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a list of the Weirdest City Slogans in Every State and for their choice for Montana they chose probably the most fitting, perfect selection for this list.

MSN Lifestyle chose Glasgow, Montana who's slogan is, "The Middle of Nowhere" and that's absolutely perfect. Glasgow is located in Northeast Montana and is known for their isolation and being far from all neighboring towns and they just accepted and embraced their slogan.

Plus, when you look at other slogans for other towns or cities in Montana Glasgow's is simply the best and weirdest. Billings has "Magic City", Bozeman is more commonly known as "Bozangeles" due to all the California transplants, then there is Missoula known as "Zootown". Then my favorite two have to be Helena or "Queen City of the Rockies", that is an awesome slogan or Cut Bank 'The Coldest Spot in the Nation". They got that nickname for their consistent brutal weather and being on average one of the coldest spots during the winter.

City or town slogans are great and can tell a lot about a place you are in. Montana's city slogans are all pretty fitting and are all original compared to many places in America. I have seen way too many City of Trees.

Do you think Bozeman needs a new city slogan or does 'Bozangeles' fits perfectly?

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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