This might be one of the wildest and weirdest ways to protect your car in Montana, but if it works, that's all that matters.

We all take safety measures to protect our cars at different points of the year. People buy windshield screens to keep the heat from roasting their car seats, scrapers to get snow and ice off during the winter, and some folks add dashcams.

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These are all fantastic measures to protect your vehicle, but some Montanans have a new idea that might have you scratching your head.

Over the summer, many Montanans noticed a new way people were protecting their cars at trailheads, and it's a wild idea.

Many Montanans have started to wrap their cars in chicken wire at trailheads or campgrounds near the backcountry. Why? Some folks thought it was to deter folks from stealing car parts, but the reason is more simple.

Photo by Sean Foster via Unsplash
Photo by Sean Foster via Unsplash

If you don't know, Montana has several critters that like to get under vehicles and cause havoc. Animals like marmots and porcupines like to gnaw and bite rubber. This can cause massive damage to your tires.

Photo by Y S via Unsplash
Photo by Y S via Unsplash

Why chicken wire? It's affordable, can be picked up at ranch supply stores, and easy to put together.

It's a genius move. With the weather cooling down and snow on the horizon, animals will be looking for places for shelter or warmth, and many animals will try and get under your car or near your engine to stay safe.

Are there better ways to protect your car? Montana's Fish, Wildlife, and Parks recommends the tarp method. You lay out a tarp, drive over it, and then wrap your car. Either way, your vehicle is protected from animals.

Has anyone else seen this in Montana? Let us know your thoughts on this wild idea.

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