This is the type of conversation I have had with many locals, and it depends on the person and the activities the car would be used for. 

When people move to Bozeman or Montana, most folks think you need a big sturdy vehicle to live the Montana lifestyle. New residents will buy trucks or SUVs and believe that will solve all their problems, especially during the winter. Unless you know how to use these kinds of rigs, you might be in trouble. 

Luckily here in Bozeman, we have some great car dealerships with fantastic inventory from BillionBozeman FordRessler, and Denny Menholt Honda. They all have great vehicles of all different sizes to fit your needs. 

So what vehicle is perfect for any season in Bozeman or Montana/ Well, to be honest, it all depends on how you drive. I have driven a Toyota Camry for the past six years and have never had a problem cruising in the snow. I have seen many people with large trucks in ditches because everyone thinks four-wheel drive will protect you from snow and ice. That is not the case. 

If you love the outdoors, I would recommend an all-wheel-drive vehicle or a truck, but if you have a truck because you live in Montana, that's not the best move. Plus, trucks are expensive to purchase. 

Currently, vehicle prices are at an all-time high. Even used vehicles are expensive. The real question then becomes, how much do you want to pay? Either way, you will be spending money. 

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