This might be the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen set in Montana, and it's not even close.

Certain types of movies are set in Montana. We usually see genre films like Westerns or dramas filmed here, but sometimes, we will see a thriller film. These films will have realistic aspects to their stories to help get under your skin.

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Thrillers can either be fantastic or terrible. One thriller that was filmed in Montana recently was God's Country. It was shot in Paradise Valley and starred Thandiwe Netwon(HBO's Westworld) and Jefferson White(Jimmy from Yellowstone). The film received rave reviews and was a hit among the festival circuit.

That film was a great thriller, this one not so much.

The TV channel Lifetime has had a penchant for making ridiculous and wild thrillers that make zero sense and are hard to watch. Many of their stories say they are based on real events, but this one is hard to believe.

Photo by Jon Tyson via Unsplash
Photo by Jon Tyson via Unsplash

A new Lifetime film called Taken in Montana has been released, and this movie is pure garbage. Taken in Montana deals with a family visiting Montana when the parents mysteriously disappear, so it's up to the teenage daughter to uncover the truth.

Image via Lifetime Movies
Image via Lifetime Movies

I tried to watch this movie and could only handle twenty minutes. The acting is horrible, the fight scenes are comical, and the storyline makes zero sense. I understand trying to make Montana into a barren wilderness with zero civilization, but that is not the case.

The cool part is this movie was filmed in Paradise Valley and Bozeman, and that's the best part of this entire production. If you want to waste time and watch something that doesn't need brain cells, Taken in Montana is for you.

For more details, check out Lifetime.

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