We all know Bozeman real estate is painful. As of late May 2021, we found the least expensive single family home for sale was listed at $550,000. I'm pretty sure this is the highest I've found since I started tracking our local market several years ago.

Please note the guidelines listed below that we use for our informal check of the market. (Pending sales are NOT counted, etc.) So here's what we found with this $550,000 listed property:

I will say this home is lovely and appears to be in great shape with lots of high-end, custom features. That's way more than I can say for some of the other properties that have landed on this list from time to time. (Several homes that we've 'featured' in the past were complete tear-downs and you'd be paying the listing price strictly for the land.


  • Our results were based on a very simple search on Realtor.com on May 25th, 2021
  • We searched ONLY single family homes (no condos, townhomes or multi-family units)
  • The property we determined to be the least expensive had to NOT BE PENDING SALE. (There were a few properties listed that were less expensive but they were already under contract.)
  • Properties searched has to be within the city limits of Bozeman, MT (no properties in Four Corners or Belgrade were considered for this purpose)

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