Montana has some wild mansions to pick from, but the largest one is elegant and ridiculous.

Many people dream of owning a house and some acreage in Montana. A place where you can relax, enjoy the views, and have a piece of Big Sky Country. It's the goal for many Montanans.

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Some folks who live in Montana or come to the state decide to build a mansion. These residences are found near ski resorts or on large ranches spread throughout Montana most of the time.

Montana has a history of folks who built giant mansions during the mining boom during the 19th and early 20th century. Some gigantic houses have been around for over 100 years.

Photo by Nick Romanov via Unsplash
Photo by Nick Romanov via Unsplash

As you look through the state, what is the mansion in Montana that dwarfs the rest of them? We have found one that is unique and not practical.

Media Feed made a list of the Largest Mega-Mansion in Every State, and Montana's will make you feel like royalty.

The largest mega-mansion in Montana is the Shelter Island Estate on Flathead Lake. The Shelter Island Estate sits on a 22-acre island, which is included in the property, but the house is wild.

Private Island Inc
Private Island Inc

The house is over 18,000 square feet and has an indoor shooting range and a rail system to bring boats in from the lake.

Why is this house impractical? Well, it's on Flathead Lake, and boating to shore during the winter is almost impossible. So, you might want to stock up on supplies if you plan on living here year-round.

Private Islands Inc.
Private Islands Inc.

How much does this house cost? It just got off the market and fetched the insane price of $22.75 million. It's a decent price when you have an island, over 22 acres, and a house with every amenity you could ever want.

This will forever be the most unique and largest mega-mansion Montana will ever see.

For more details, check out Media Feed.

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