I gotta say that the whole breast milk ice cream thing that is going on is...tiring.  It's a bad idea that has bad implications even when just saying the name.  Lady Gaga, as crazy as she may act and talk, puts her image and fame to bring light to legit causes.  To have something like breast milk ice cream try to make it look like Gaga is in on this crazyness should get whatever ax Lady  decides to wield.

Lady Gaga may be taking The Icecreamists to court over the company's use of her likeness to sell their human breast-milk ice cream.

The company, based out of Central London, premiered a new flavor two weeks ago called Baby Gaga.

Gaga's attorney's fired off a legal letter to the ice cream parlor stating the flavor was "deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing."

In a statement directly to Icecreamists' owner Matt O'Conner, Gaga's lawyers said:

"The references you are making to Lady Gaga are thus clearly deliberate and intended to take advantage of her reputation and good will. Associating the Lady Gaga mark with a food product which may be unsafe for human consumption (owing to the risk of it carrying such viruses as hepatitis) is also highly detrimental."

The shop is now being investigated by inspectors from Westminster Council's food standards as to whether the product violates any health standards.

When asked about Lady Gaga's threats, O'Conner says:

"We think this is very unnecessary, the whole thing will be over by next week, but we are prepared to fight this in court. This is a David versus Goliath battle. I'm convinced we will eventually win. The world's biggest superstar has taken umbrage with the world's smallest ice cream parlor. For Lady Gaga to accuse us of stealing her image is laughable when you consider how much she has borrowed from popular culture to create her look and music. She also seems to have forgotten that since the dawn of time the word gaga has been one of the first discernible phrases to come from a baby's mouth. This is why we chose the name."

May the breast man or woman win.

Find out how much Baby Gaga is selling for ... after the jump.

Baby Gaga is selling for $23 per serving. Even though the product is on hold ... close to 15 women have already donated their breast milk for the product. Thoughts?