It seems Lady Gaga's got a doppelgänger...who just so happens to be an Olympian.

As fans around the world continue tuning into the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, many have found themselves doing a double-take after spotting Julyana Al-Sadeq, a champion taekwondo athlete from Jordan with an uncanny resemblance to Mother Monster herself.

"Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics?" one major Gaga fan site tweeted after spotting the martial artist in her taekwondo gear, while another user hilariously wrote, "There can be a hundred people at the olympics and one of them is Lady Gaga competing for a taekwondo medal."

Thus far, it doesn't seem Gaga has seen any of the tweets or noticed the comparison herself.

On Sunday (July 25), Al-Sadeq competed in the women's 67kg taekwondo event, but was bested in the round of 16 by Brazil's Milena Titoneli.

Yet other social media users think Al-Sadeq, who took home a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games, looks more like Anne Hathaway. What do you think?

Julyana Al-Sadeq
Maja Hitij, Getty Images

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