Lady Gaga just might be set to double down with a duet of Oscars.

Is the superstar singer bound to win a second Academy Award for her latest role in House of Gucci?

Predictions are taking a fashionable turn on the betting runway. Prospects are high that she could be your ticket to gold for yourself.

Official Academy Awards nominations will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022, with the ceremony taking place in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 27, 2022.

According to critics who have seen early releases of Lady Gaga’s performance as the woman who tried to control one of the biggest fashion institutes in the world, she is not messing around.

The superstar singer may be on her way to a second acting nomination for her turn as Patrizia Reggiani. This comes after her first Oscar win for Best Song in 2019.

At the time she was also nominated for the acting category in the same film A Star Is Born. The then-odds for her according to in the thespian performance category were +1000 over Glenn Close for The Wife -550; Olivia Coleman for The Favourite +350; Yalitza Aparicio for Roma +4000; and Melissa McCarthy for Can You Ever Forgive Me? +5000.

Many will remember the shocked look on Lady Gaga’s face at the ceremony when Olivia’s name was called over her. But if you had studied the odds you were not as flabbergasted as the singer. She should have practiced that “Poker Face” perhaps a bit better.

This year is shaping up much differently, though. Back in 2019 Lady Gaga was certainly viewed in industry circles as getting a courtesy nod for acting since her song performance was so tremendous in A Star Is Born.

The current race is showing a different standing for her role where she plays the woman who marries into the Gucci family and ingratiates herself into the family business. The storyline has things going so well with Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) until he, well, basically stops loving her. Bad decision since the real-life drama ultimately ended in murder as she calls a hit on her ex-husband.

The Ridley Scott film has been called everything from the campiest film of the century to brilliant. As stated in Variety about the auteur director’s vision, it's "easily his finest work since Gladiator,” and the film is absorbing because it takes the world it shows us on its own coldly flamboyant terms. House of Gucci is modeled fairly directly on The Godfather, and as soon as you say that it can sound like you’re making some ridiculous undue claim for it. I’m not saying that it’s in that league as a movie. (What is?)

But the greatness of The Godfather was, in part, the way it navigated the hidden shoals of power, and House of Gucci, which is a kind of fashionista Godfather Lite, is a sophisticated true-life tale about the way that power actually works: in a business empire, in a family, among people who are supposed to be looking out for each other.”

It’s the reviews for Lady Gaga’s performance that keep knocking her into the field for Oscar contender though. In the same review her work is stated to be winner worthy:

“Lady Gaga imbues her with a doleful sincerity. Gaga’s face is avid and open, with a fervor that volts through her eyes; she has a born actress’s gift for letting you read her emotions while holding a nugget of mystery in check.”

So, could this be the year of “Father, Son, the House of Oscar,” for Lady Gaga? Your betting odds are very good with these high stakes, told us experts.

Other contenders in the arena include Olivia Colman in The Lost Daughter, who again has incredible support, as well as multiple nominee Jessica Chastain for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. The redheaded star is finding a strong footing with both critics and industry leaders. And there is also Penélope Cruz’s festival-winning performance in Parallel Mothers that could very much rock the vote to another win for her in Oscar history.

Place your bets early, we say on Lady Gaga at least scoring a nomination. The Academy Awards are Hollywood's most prestigious artistic award in the film industry, but they are also a show that deals with broadcast ratings on a major network. And no one on the projected list is more worldly popular than Lady Gaga herself.

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