Not every day you see a national ice cream franchise open a shop in a small town in Montana.

Folks love getting a scoop of their favorite ice cream after a delicious meal or rewarding themselves after a long day. Here in Montana, we have some stellar locally-owned ice cream shops.

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Ice cream is the best whether you want a scoop in a sugar or waffle cone or a milkshake.

Montana isn't known for having national franchises open ice cream shop locations. Places like Ben & Jerry's don't have a location in Montana and have no sign of opening a store anytime soon.

Photo by Courtney Cook via Unsplash
Photo by Courtney Cook via Unsplash

What if we told you there is a national ice cream brand with a scoop chop in Montana? Not only that, it's located in a surprisingly small town.

Before we reveal the national ice cream shop in Montana, here are Montana's Best Ice Cream Shops to check out.

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What Montana Town has a surprising national ice cream brand shop?

In the small town of West Yellowstone, you will find a Haagen Dazs shop on the corner of Canyon and Madison. It's right off the main road as you roll into town.

Dreyer's Buys Haagen-Dazs Shops
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Haagen Dazs has been around for over 60 years and can be found in any grocery store in America. The ice cream giant has ice cream pints, bars, and more that folks can enjoy daily.

To open a shop like Haagen Dazs in West Yellowstone is a stroke of genius. The town might be small on one hand, but millions of tourists visit the area during the summer. You won't find another ice cream shop for 100 miles. They have a monopoly in that market in West Yellowstone.

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