We all know that Montana is a place where you can celebrity watch.  In fact, here in Bozeman, you never know what famous person you might see around town.  For years, celebrities have flocked to Montana for its beauty, and for the most part, because the locals leave them alone.

One celebrity, however, appears to be done with Montana.

Kelly Clarkson (39) and her ex, Brandon Blackstock bought a ranch between Bozeman and Missoula a few years back.  In fact, that's where they decided to hunker down during the pandemic.  Unfortunately, like so many other couples, it seems during that hunkering down process that they decided to go their separate ways.

Not only were the two at odds about being together, now they are at odds as to what should happen with the ranch.

According to reports, Clarkson views the ranch as a financial burden and says it needs to go. Blackstock, who left his career as a manager of musical artists with the exception of one client (Blake Shelton), has decided that he wants to be a rodeo manager.


Court reports state that the cost to run the property is over 80 thousand dollars a month, Clarkson wanted to sell the property but was denied.  However, if Blackstock doesn't pay the maintenance costs, Clarkson can refile a motion to sell the property.

The court ruled that Clarkson, who makes significantly more money than Blackstock, must pay Blackstock 200 thousand a month in spousal support.

I'm betting she won't be singing "My Home's in Montana" anytime soon.

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