It's not very often that you see a Montanan appear in a national singing competition.

One of the most popular singing competitions, The Voice, recently premiered its 22nd season, and many folks love the show. If you don't know, The Voice has four judges, who are famous musicians, and they pick singers based on their voices alone (they can't see the competitor). The judges have ranged from country legend Blake Shelton to pop icon Kelly Clarkson, along with many more. 

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The reason we are talking about The Voice is that this past Tuesday, October 4th, an episode featured a singer from Polson, Montana. Not very often do we see Montanans in singing competitions as highly profiled as The Voice, and it's even less often that we see them move on to the next round. 

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov via Unsplash
Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov via Unsplash

Benny Weag performed Ed Sheeran's hit Shivers, and the only judge that saw his potential was the man who has won The Voice more than anyone, Blake Shelton. Watch the clip below. 

It's cool to see someone from my neck of the woods represent Montana and move on to the next round. Plus, Blake Shelton picking a guy who mostly sings pop songs is a great way to make his team more diverse. 

Sadly, we won't see Benny Weag compete for a few weeks as the judges finish filling out their teams. Benny will now have to show off his skills in The Battle Rounds, and that can be highly stressful. 

We wish Benny the best of luck, and we know he will keep representing Montana proudly. Keep up the great work! 

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