If you didn't hear, the Big Sky Conference announced that they will be moving the fall football season to the spring of 2021.

Even though I am still thrilled we are getting football in 2021, moving the season from the fall to the spring had me think of what we are missing out on during this fall.

So here are Five Things I Will Miss Not Having Bobcat in the Fall.


  • 1


    This might be the biggest reason above and beyond. Tailgating is an absolute blast for all fans of Bobcat football. It's a great way for friends and families who haven't seen each other in a long time to get together and have some great food and maybe a delicious adult beverage.

    Plus, there is the MSU Marching Band and lots of giveaways throughout the tailgate areas. Tailgating is so much fun and is a huge part of the Bobcat experience.

  • 2


    Bobcat Homecomings are absolutely incredible. It's a whole week of absolute fun. There is a parade and events where both the students and public can be involved.

    If they hold homecoming in the spring instead of the fall, it will be a bit different but hopefully it will have the same spirit.

  • 3

    Can the Griz

    This is a huge part of the Brawl of the Wild between Montana State and Unveristy of Montana teams. Both Missoula and Bozeman compete to see who can donate the most to their local food bank.

    This is incredible for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank because it helps them in a huge time of need around the Holidays.

    Hopefully we still can do Can The Griz this fall because we still need to show our support to the food bank.

  • 4

    Cat Chat

    The weekly radio show that hosts not only the MSU football coaches and players but also has the volleyball team and previews the upcoming match up.

    It's a huge chance to get close to the MSU team and get excited for the game on Saturday.

    Cat Chat is a staple of the fall season for MSU football. We can't wait for it to come back.

  • 5

    Cat Griz Game

    Even though the game this year would've been in Missoula this year, Cat Griz is an incredible game to watch wherever you go.

    Many folks gather at their homes or favorite sports bars with friends and cheer on the Bobcats. Especially cause we have been crushing them in recent years.

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