If there is one video that can show the softer side of wolves, this would be the video to do that.

Dealing with wildlife in Montana is a daily occurrence. You could see animals such as deer, elk, bison, bears, or any other creature that could live nearby. I've seen grizzly bears, foxes, mountain lions, and more in Montana.

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We have to emphasize you should never approach wild animals because they will most likely attack you if they feel threatened. We have seen these incidents yearly with folks visiting Yellowstone National Park.

One of the most dangerous animals in Yellowstone National Park is wolves. These animals are large, travel in packs, and are vicious creatures. Always keep your distance from wolves because they are fast creatures that can close in on you from any distance.

Photo by Thomas Bonometti via Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Bonometti via Unsplash

That's why most of the shots of wolves in the wild are from professional photographers from safe distances or cameras set up in the woods. These videos or pictures can show interesting sides of these animals, and we have one that is adorable.

Yellowstone posted on their Instagram showing what wolves bring back to their den. Wolves have to carry meat like elk or bison meat to their home to feed their pups, but sometimes they also can bring back toys. Check out the post.

Credit: YellowstoneNPS via Instagram

As you can see, wolves will bring back antlers or other items so their pups have something to play with or chew on while the parents are out hunting. If you have ever felt how sharp puppy teeth can be, you can only imagine what a wolf pup's teeth could be like.

As cute as that video can be, please remember wolves are not like dogs. Keep a safe distance of at least 75 yards away. These animals are wild and will attack you.

Be safe Montana!

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