It's not often you find out one of your comedy heroes was hanging out in Montana during his final film.

Montana's history with film productions is wild and eye-opening. There have been classics like A River Runs Through It with Brad Pitt or more modern fare like Arrival with Amy Adams. There have been many film productions that range from Westerns to thrillers to horror.

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It's not often you see full-fledged comedies filmed in Montana. I was poking around Montana Film's website to see what other movies have been shot in our fine state, and one film came up that blew my mind.

There is a film that came out in the 90s that starred several high-profile comedy actors but flopped at the box office. This movie starred one of the best comedic actors of that decade and was his final finished film before he sadly passed away.

That infamous 90s film was Almost Heroes, and it starred Chris Farley.

The movie was directed by Christopher Guest, who made cult classic films like Best in Show and This Is Spinal Tap and starred Matthew Broderick(Friends) and Eugene Levy(Schitt's Creek). This movie had a ton of comedy giants in its production.

This film was about Chris Farley and Matthew Broderick's character trying to get to the West Coast before Lewis & Clark, and hilarity ensues.

Most of the film wasn't shot in Montana, but they filmed many scenery shots in the Helena National Forest and the Lewis & Clark National Forest. When it comes to scenery, you can't beat Montana.

It blew my mind that one of my favorite childhood films was partially shot in Montana, and I hope that Chris Farley enjoyed his time here. He left us too soon.

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