NASA has a new mission to Mars, and it wants to take you for a ride to the Red Planet.

The eight-episode series recently launched and is called On a Mission.

G. Neukum/Getty Images
G. Neukum/Getty Images

It follows the InSight lander as it travels hundreds of millions of miles in an attempt to land on Mars on Nov. 26.

The first two episodes are available now at NASA, the InSight website, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts.

Episode One talks about the odds of reaching the surface safely, keeping in mind that less than half of all missions to Mars actually make it.

The podcast is narrated by host and science journalist Leslie Mullen and InSight team members, each episode contains storytelling that details the journey and the people who have spent years working on it.

New episodes, running between 20 and 30 minutes, will be released weekly as InSight gets closer to Mars.

The final episode will cover what exactly unfolds as the team attempts to land InSight on Mars.

The point of the mission is to study the planet's "inner space," which according to NASA consists of its crust, mantle and core.

There will reportedly be future seasons of the podcast that will focus on different missions within different parts of the universe.

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