It's no mystery that our brightest physicists and space scientists are growing more and more fascinated with Mars. People have even talked about it being a future colony. Past moon walker, Harrison Schmitt, says the key is to first go back to the Moon.

Harrison Schmitt was aboard the Apollo 17 mission on December 7th 1972 which was the last maned mission to the Moon. The former astronaut refers to the Moon as a sort of stepping stone to further space travel.

There are many aspects of the Mars mission that need the moon and the Earth’s upper atmosphere as places to train, and to simulate and test the equipment that’s going to be needed on Mars,” said Schmitt.

I for one am all about going back to the moon. It's about time we use our modern technology to show the world an in depth look at a human being on the moon. It will help spark an interest in the sciences in our schools too.

What do you think, should NASA return to the moon?