Whether these businesses open a second location in Bozeman or somewhere else in Montana, locals would love it.

Bozeman has many incredible small businesses ranging from restaurants to clothing stores to other services. Montanans love supporting small, local shops because we want to help each other.

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We decided to look around the Bozeman area and wondered which businesses deserve a second location. Why? If their business is a hit with locals here, it could be successful elsewhere in Montana.


We won't be counting businesses with multiple locations(sorry, Cosmic Pizza and Mr. Burritos) and national retailers like Stio and Backcountry.

We think we found six businesses that could open a second location in the Gallatin Valley or another Montana city. If there is one constant thing, there are several Bozeman businesses that other Montana cities or towns would love to have locally, and we can't disagree.

DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images
DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images

There might be a few disagreements, but these six businesses have the best chance to replicate their success and add a location without hindering what makes them unique for locals.

Here are Six Bozeman Businesses That Deserve a Second Location.

6 Amazing Bozeman Businesses That Deserve A Second Location

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What do you guys think? Did we hit the mark or miss out on a few underrated gems in the Bozeman area?

Many of these Bozeman businesses are community members, and locals will defend them to outsiders. These spots should expand because some places in Montana could help them become even more successful and fill a void.

Are there any other Bozeman businesses you think should have a second location? Let us know on the app.

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