Day 3 – Isagenix Cleanse with Main Street Gym

6:45 AM – I am up and ready to take on the world!  Granted I had the help of Daylight Savings Time pushing the hour hand back an hour on Sunday, but I still have to say that I feel bright eyed and clear headed.  Today, as I did Monday, I am heading to the Main Street Gym to get some Cardio on and also get body measurements and weight taken to see if I have made any progress.  I already know that there will be progress as I can feel it all over my body.  I feel skinnier for sure and that improvement is spurring me on to do more!  Some push-ups this morning and a couple curl ups, don’t get me wrong I can’t do a ton of either, yet. And that may be the most exciting part of this process.  Yet.  I am feeling like I am on a good track here.  And it may have got me just at the right time.

When I started the cleanse I was heavier than I remember letting myself get to before.  And with the holidays coming this may be the perfect time to get into a healthier way of thinking and acting.  My hope is that Thanksgiving is soon enough that I can enjoy the food but my will to not indulge to the point of explosion is fresh enough that I won’t let myself fall off the wagon too hard.  But only time will tell.  Here we go to the gym to see if I have made progress in body measurements and to see if I can run further than on Monday.  To be continued…

Fast forward to end of business day and I am tired!! Ha! I should have known getting up at 6:30 would have some sort of effect later on!  I felt a bit weak in the self restraint category today.  I did want to eat. BUT I did not. It really is the physical act of eating I think that I was craving because although I was hungry every now and again it was the actual food that I was craving. Not that I needed to eat.  Its official…I’m addicted to eating!  But I will power through my weakness and make it through to tomorrow.  IT WILL BE A NEW DAY! I knew it would be a challenge but anything worth anything is work and that is what I will do.