Day 1 on Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleanse from Main Street Gym

Well technically its day 2 on the 11 day cleanse, sense there are 2 days of “Pre Cleanse”.  Yesterday and today, the plan says to start the day with an Isalean Shake that I mix with water.  A Natural Accelerator capsule is to be taken at the same time.  This is breakfast.  To be honest I really expected the shake to taste less chocolate than it ended up being.  I’ve had shakes before and they usually taste like a hay bail mixed with some sort of chocolate substitute made out of chalk shavings. Although it wasn’t exactly a chocolate shake that you would get from Stone Cold Creamery, it did taste good and I didn’t have tears coming down my face as I powered it down. It was satisfying and didn’t leave me wanting more to eat.

Throughout the rest of the day I am to have a handful of Almonds twice between breakfast and lunch along with about 100 ounces of water (the water is the total for the whole day).

Lunch is to be something that is between 400-600 calories and although I don’t know that total calorie count for it, I split a Blackened chicken wrap from the Bay between yesterday’s lunch and today’s.  I also had a side salad yesterday.  To be honest, I wanted more to eat, but this is a re-learning process of how to eat.  So I stuck by my guns and muscled my way through my natural tendency to eat more.  Also to be had is a Natural Accelerator capsule.

Diner is also an Isalean shake, the Natural Accelerator capsule and again lots of water.

Last night, and I would guess the next 10 nights, was the hardest time of day.  The way I have naturally scheduled myself, night time is when I chill out from the day, watch some Netflix, maybe do some work on the computer and eat.  Dinner followed by some chips here, maybe a couple beers there, an appetizer if I go out, basically the rest of my day is busy enough to keep my mind off of food, but at night, I had to concously not indulge.  Funny thing is that I’m not really even hungry, I just like to eat. Plus, I never realized how many times I walk past a candy bowl or grab some chips or small little snacks.  I had to stop myself several times yesterday and today from picking up something that seems small at the time but I can see now, all the small adds up to big.

This is going to be a challenge and that is how I went into this thing so I am ready to take on that challenge.  So far I have not deviated from the extremely detailed food regimen that is set up for you by the Isagenix team, and I have full faith in myself that I will make it through the next 9 days!! We’ll see I guess if my will is as strong after the next 2 days, which require no eating and only consumption of the Isagenix Cleanse for Life juice, Water, and Accelerator Capsule.

Oh!! Before I got started on the Cleanse Mike from Main Street Gym (my coach for the cleanse) Measured my neck, chest, waist, arms and legs, and my weight.  I will have the measurements later but my weight started at 206! That was kind of a shocker for me buuuut that is what this is all about, learning to live healthier and make better decisions when eating.

If you are interested in learning more about this system or are looking for a place that is about living healthier, hit up The Main Street Gym or 406-586-2200.