Researchers at McGill University in Montreal think they've found a way to stop your family from getting into its annual fight this Thanksgiving. And it DOESN'T involve thousands of dollars of therapy.

--They just finished a study that found people get less aggressive when they see MEAT. So if you want to keep Thanksgiving peaceful, make sure everyone has a good view of the turkey.

--Frank Kachanoff is the psychology researcher who led the study. He says he was surprised by the result . . . he figured meat would make people MORE aggressive, because, biologically, it would evoke thoughts of HUNTING.

--But now he believes the sight of meat calms us down, because our ancestors knew that having meat in front of you meant you could relax, since you wouldn't have to worry about starvation and survival for a little while.

--Even though we've evolved since then, we still have those instincts.

--And now for PETA's response. They issued a statement saying, quote, "Clearly, eating meat does support horrible violence, but apparently seeing meat does not cause people to become more aggressive."

--They also speculated that the sight of meat calms people down because it instantly makes us think of the physiological effects of eating meat . . . like slower blood flow and drowsiness.