Day 2 – Isagenix Cleanse from Main Street Gym

The official first cleanse day to be clear.  Proceeded by 2 days of “pre-cleanse” which mirrors days 3-7 of the “9 day cleanse”.

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For the past 2 days the only food that I’ve eaten has been a Blackened Chicken Wrap from The Bay (half Sunday and half yesterday).  I’ve also had 4 Isalean Shakes and LOTS of water, oh and almonds (unsalted dry almonds).  The water has been rushing through me to be sure.  Going to the bathroom 9-12 times a day has been less annoying that I would have guessed, and with each time I say “Get the Poison Out!” hoping that it will spur on the cleansing of any toxins that my body may find as it burns away the fat I have been so anxiously packing on.  I wonder how old the fat cells are that are flushing away?  What meal did that fat come from?  Who was I eating with when I ate that meal, or who had offered me the sweets that I obliged in taking?  And as more is cleaned out of me, will I feel the same emotions as they are on their way out as I did on their way in?  Of course that can’t be physically true.   Emotions being attached to cells.  Ludicrous really.  But if we could feel those emotions and remember the situations from which those emotions stemmed…how would we feel about them now?  We never feel emotions the same way twice.  That would be impossible sense once we feel them, we will learn from them and although the same feelings may return, they come as a mutated form.  Mutated from the previous experience.  Always learning, changing and adapting into the future.  If our memories and emotions came back to us when losing something like a cell that was made from those moments in our past, would we find them enjoyable?  The question is always asked if we could do our lives over again, would we change it now that we can look at it from the outside.  Would we make the same choices now knowing the outcome possibilities, if we felt the exact same emotions?  Would we enjoy feeling those emotions again?  Love for the first time, but knowing that the possibility of heartbreak.   Danger and exhilaration while knowing that injury is eminent.  We know that the outcomes will be pain.  But we also know that it is not the death of us.  We will make it though.  And we will be stronger on the other side of the pain, or find something out about ourselves that would have never been found without.  How is it that we can experience amazing events, however small, that end in heartbreak or sorrow or pain and take the mutated emotions into the next similar event, and let it keep us from fully experiencing the possibilities? If we know that we will make it through, and we know that the emotions will be real and strong and make us grow, then why do we stop ourselves?

I know this cleanse will be a challenge and there is most likely some kind of pain or discomfort that will come with it, but my excitement is that it will be a learning experience. One that I will use the emotions and feelings from in the future and help me make better decisions, but not stop me from making any.