Not only great songs but great videos to complement them. 2016 is coming to a close and so is the music, but what can make a song better is the music video. We have seen some amazing videos this year and I thought I would go through and provide my personal favorite Top 5 Music Videos of 2016.

1.'Nobody Speak' DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels(Warning:Explicit Language)
Not only is the song amazing and has an amazing beat, but the video is awesome. With the 2016 political season we had, this video sums up how everyone is feeling. Plus, who isn't blown away by the two actors lip syncing to Killer Mike and El-P. Simply amazing.

2. '24K Magic' Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars just knows how to make fantastic music and phenomenal music videos. This video looks like the party we all want to be at and have a great time.

3.'Light It Up' Major Lazer feat. Nyla and Fuse ODG
This video was done by Method Studios which has made some amazing trailers for music videos and video games, but they did this for an awards show and the video was adopted by Major Lazer as their official video for the song. They used motion capture to create new figures and make this video very unique.

4.'Wherever I Go' One Republic
The man who directed this captured the feeling exactly. The song is about a man who is trying to break out of his world and be who he really is. The dancing is fantastic and even though the band is rarely in the video, it's simply amazing.

5.'No Money' Galantis
Kids with their faces painted who then get into a dance battle. Solid work, plus the song is upbeat and just wants you to dance along with it.

Bonus Video:'Genghis Khan' Miike Snow
This video tells a story everyone can love: A super-villain captures a secret spy but they end up falling in love with each other. Because of years of chasing each other, they finally realize they are happier together. Plus, who doesn't enjoy great choreography in a music video?

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