It seems that every day more and more millennials are ditching cable and making a move strictly to online services. Charter, Century Link, DirecTV, and many other cable companies are losing customers because not only is cable expensive but it can be inefficient as well.


I personally made a move several years ago to ditch cable and just go with online services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now and Amazon Prime. One nice thing about these services is that users can start/stop watching any program at any time. These services also are perfect for people who like to binge watch a particular show all at once. With cable, subscribers are subjected to only view what is scheduled and in some cases can't pause that program in case they miss anything.

Another attractive aspect of making the switch is that you can get a majority of the services on cable and still only be paying roughly half of what your cable bill would be if you had all of the extra additions.

The biggest flaw is that you don't get local channels with any of these programs, which can be a big hang up for some folks. However, users can get a digital TV receiver for around $30 dollars and still receive most of the the local and sports channels.


Even though it seems like a big change, cable providers may soon be in for a rude awakening. The millennial generation is sticking with the internet for these services not only because it's cheaper, but it's often more reliable and can contain better content. If you have been thinking about making a change, maybe it's time.