Christmas is filled with joy, songs, and happiness and very enjoyable movies. The thing is though there are some Christmas themed movies that are lets say...unconventional. They are filled with songs or happiness but action and horror. So here are my Top Five Unconventional Christmas Movies that you should check out this holiday season.

  • 20th Century Fox Studios
    20th Century Fox Studios

    Die Hard

    Yes, this is a Christmas movie. It happens during the holiday and it's fantastic. One of the best action films ever it's just a nice change of pace from regular Christmas films. Plus, Alan Rickman as the villain is the best.

  • Legendary Pictures
    Legendary Pictures


    A perfect example of horror comedy and based on a real folklore. Krampus is about Santa's side kick who would punish the naughty and it's a pretty fun film. Nothing is better than a demonic jack in the box.

  • Warner Bros
    Warner Bros


    One of my favorite films growing up and I still love it. This was one of the films that helped create the PG-13 rating. This film was originally PG, which is terrifying with all the violence. Check it out this season.

  • OscillScope Pictures
    OscillScope Pictures

    Rare Exports:A Christmas Tale

    This is personally one of my favorites to watch around Christmas. It's a foreign film from Finland and deals with their folklore on Santa who is buried under a mountain but after some drilling they find him and it doesn't go well after that. It's based off of a short film which is just as great.

  • 20th Century Fox
    20th Century Fox

    Edward Scissorhands

    The movie that launched Johnny Depp into stardom. This movie is also a classic. I usually watch this around Christmas and it has such a great message as well.

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