Dating can be rough sometimes but it seems like here in the Gallatin Valley it seems to be really tough. I have tried Tinder(I despise this app), Bumble(not a lot of users), and even tried to just go to places to meet single ladies but it never seems to go very well. I have gone to speed dating, farmer's markets and more but I just can't seem to find someone that I genuinely like.


One problem could be that is Bozeman is a very small dating pool, especially for young adults from 24 to 30 years-old. Everyone I know in that range is either dating someone or in a long-term relationship. Plus, it doesn't help that even though the population in Bozerman is growing, it's mostly made up of families and students.

What do you think? Am I crazy and overreacting or is there some truth to what I am talking about? Let me know what you guys think.