Over this past weekend, when I was in California, I finally talked my sister into going to Universal Studios with me and it was an absolute blast. Then towards the end of the day when we were leaving my sister and I were talking about theme parks and we both came to the conclusion that we enjoyed Universal Studios better than Disneyland.

Here are the Top Four Reasons Why Universal Studios is Better Than Disneyland.

1. More Adult Activities

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I grew up on Disney films just like the next kid, and Disneyland is fantastic, but when you go there it feels that the whole park is filled with millions of kids and a lot of the rides are geared towards them as well. At Universal Studios they have several activities/rides that are definitely more geared toward adults. Plus, I hope you wouldn't take you kid through The Walking Dead Maze, they would be terrified. Walking around Universal you will see mostly people in their 20s and up with fewer families.

2.Adult Beverages

Disneyland doesn't sell alcohol whereas you can get an adult beverage from several places in Universal Studios if you are of age. For instance, in Krustyland (The Simpsons area) you can get a Duff Beer like in the show, or in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter you can grab a drink in Three Broomsticks. This comes in handy especially on a hot day and you want to hang out in the shade with a cold drink.

3. Price

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Disneyland is huge and has many properties to see from princesses to rides to so much more. The problem is the price of the ticket is insane nowadays, especially if you want to go more than one day. Universal Studios are pretty reasonable and I highly recommend buying online because you get into the park an hour earlier than usual and get to enjoy the park's rides before it can get busy.

Those are just a few reasons why I enjoy Universal Studios more than Disneyland but I want to know what you think. Have you been to both and enjoy one theme park more than the other? Let me know (by the way, the picture below is me and Doc Brown from Back to the Future, in case you didn't know.)

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